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Health & Safety Policy

Safety is everyone's responsibility

Everyone has a responsibility to prevent injuries and/or illnesses. Below are ‘basic’ safety rules members must follow:

  • Never do anything that is unsafe - Report any unsafe matters / conditions.

  • Do not remove or disable any safety device(s)!

  • Never operate ball machine (equipment) unless you have been trained or are authorized.

  • Playing under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or using them while playing is prohibited.

  • Horseplay, running and fighting are prohibited.

  • Clean up spills immediately.

General safe tennis practices:
  • Always store and put away tennis balls, rackets etc. in a safe manner after playing.
  • Tie down or remove elements, if necessary, to prevent falling and/or rolling (i.e. knees, ankles, etc.).
  • Excess dust, leafs, branches and/or water should not be allowed to accumulate before or during play.
  • Remove any garbage or loose items from stairs, walkways, ramps, courts, etc. (to prevent injuries).
  • Do not block walking lanes, fire exits, passages, or stairs.
  • Do not operate any power tool or equipment unless you are trained (i.e. leaf / dust blower etc.)

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