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Harassment & Violence Policy

Grimsby Tennis Club (GTC) is committed to having a respectful and inclusive environment. Harassment includes language or conduct that may be derogatory, intimidating, or offensive to others. We, President and Executive board, will review the facts with all parties involved to make a fair and unbiased decision. We will immediately address behavior or conduct that may be offensive, further violations will result in discipline, up to and including termination of membership (No refund (s) of membership).

Anti-harassment essential requirements:

Don’t make indecent*jokes, use foul language (prohibited), don’t intimidate others through bullying, threats, and/or participate in activities that may be offensive to others (fighting**). Discourage others from engaging in such behavior.

  • Report, and encourage others to report, incidents of harassment or retaliation.

Examples of Harassment:

  • Disparaging comments, swearing, insults, indecent jokes;

  • Displaying or storing written or graphic material that ridicules, insults or shows hostility toward a group or individual (insulting or negative comments that can affect the Grimsby Tennis Club); and

  • Distributing OR unwelcome sexual advances or remarks.


* Indecent (example: offensive, rude etc.)

** Caught fighting will lead to automatic termination of the membership!​

Substance abuse:

Substance abuse poses a threat to all of us in virtually every aspect of our lives, including tennis. 

  • For the protection of all, it is imperative that the club / tennis club be free from substance abuse, including use or possession of illegal drugs and alcohol abuse.

  • GTC is not liquor licensed establishment

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