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Club Policy

All Members:

  • Members must have proper tennis attire and gear when playing on our courts. For example, non-marking athletic shoes.  This is mainly to avoid injuries and to ensure no damage is made to the surface of our courts.  

We play for fun and a good workout. As with all sports, there are a few courtesies which make the game more enjoyable for all players. Here are some reminders...​

  • Please do not open the gate on court 1 to enter or exit the courts while the ball is in play on the court. Wait for play to stop before opening or closing the gate.

  • Make sure there are no loose balls on the court while playing. Loose balls are distracting and can be a safety hazard when stepped on.

  • Keep score - The server should call out the score loudly before serving. This eliminates interpretations and potential confusion over the score.

  • Your opponent's shot is good unless you clearly see the ball bounce outside the line.

  • Don't talk or distract fellow players while the point is in progress.

  • Make sure the server gets two balls directed to him or her. Just hitting the balls anywhere to the back of the court is not acceptable.

  • Always play the point over (a let) if a stray ball comes into your court.

  • Wait for play to stop before crossing the back of another court or returning stray balls to where they belong.

  • Playing up and playing down. Your club executive asks all advanced players to make an effort to play down 20-30 % of the time. This means you agree to play players who are not as advanced as you are in order to give them the opportunity to learn from you. If you are an intermediate or advanced player, chances are you rose to your level of play because other players with more advanced skills agreed to play with you from time to time, giving you a valuable chance to learn and improve your skills. We ask you to pass it on in friendship and service to your club and fellow players.

  • Does it need to be said? Please be friendly, courteous and respectful of fellow players and members at all times.

  • If you are a beginner, do not hesitate to ask questions about any aspect of tennis. We are all keen to help you have a great experience with a fun game.

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