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Grimsby Tennis Club Updates


The club will be open to play by May 1st.  The Official Club opening date for 2023 is May 6.

We hope for a great season and we look forward to seeing you on the courts again!

- Grimsby Tennis Club Executive Board


Membership Renewal Dates

- Existing members - Register Now!!!

- Junior tennis programs - Register Now!!!

- New Members - Register Now!!!

2023 Galleries

- May 6th - Club Opening Day - More ...

Club events

- Janco Steel Wheelchair Tennis Classic - More...

League Captains Required

A league captain is required to coordinate this fun league. Duties are as follows:

  1. Schedule 6 to 8 Saturday nights when this Round Robin will run

  2. Send emails to remind members to sign up.

  3. Distribute balls provided by the club

  4. Allocate starting assignments i.e. court 1, court.. 2 etc.

  5. Oversee movement from one court to another at the end of each rotation.

Without a coordinator/Captain, this Round Robin will not run.

If interested in acting as Captain, please contact Amanda Fraser at .

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