The Grimsby Tennis Club is open


Over the past two weeks, we have been in communication with Recreation Department officials regarding the changes that we might expect under Step 1 and therefore what type of tennis format we would be permitted to offer. 
Town officials want us to understand that government regulations require that any persons participating in a sport, must maintain a 2 to 3 metre distance from each other while playing.  At the end of our discussion, we were granted permission to move to regular doubles as long as we have our members understand the importance of maintaining the required distancing.  Our protocol has been updated to reflect the instructions from the Town.
Here are the changes we will see in Step 1:

  • Regular Doubles will be allowed without the same household restriction, subject to the social distancing rule discussed above

  • The four persons must stay on the same court for the entire match.  Switching courts is not allowed.  Switching partners within the court is permitted.

  • During the changeover, teams must switch at opposite ends of the net

These changes come into effect on Saturday June 12th at 7 AM.

Membership News


After meetings and negotiations with the Town, we are happy to report that we have received permission to reopen our courts within certain limitations. We thank all members for your patience and understanding as the GTC begins its 2nd season under Covid 19 Protocols.  
Before you read further, please study the Covid Protocols before renewing your membership and stepping on the courts. The Protocols set by the Club are mandatory for all members and must be read and followed.  

Membership Registration


Applications are now available for the 2021 Season. 

For 2021, we ask that our members continue to use one of the contactless methods to register:

  1. Contactless Method 1: An updated 2021 Application pdf form is available under the Membership Tab (Print/Email Form Button).  

  2. Contactless Method 2: You can register using our online form which you can find on the Membership Page (Online Form Button). 


We will still be accepting applications and cheque payments via mail. Our mailing address is located on the bottom of the application.  Please allow additional processing time if you are mailing your membership. 

2021 Membership Fees


This year’s fees are:

  • Junior Membership (Age 17 and Under) - $60

  • Adult Membership (Age 18 - 64) - $145

  • Senior Membership (Age 65-79) - $130

  • Octogenarian Membership (Age 80+) - $0

  • Family Membership (1-2 adults + 1-3 kids) - $ 330

2021 Membership Fee Payment


Preferred Method for the 2021 season:  To keep everything contactless, we ask that you send your fees via e-transfer to the Grimsby Tennis Club.  This will be the safest payment method under the current circumstances. 

We will also accept cheque payments that can be sent along with the application by mail. Please note your membership will not be processed until your application and payment are received by the Club.


Other Programming

Ball Machine rental is available for 2021 for a non-refundable $50 annual fee.  

Guests are not permitted at this time.  All other programming will be subject to Covid Protocols and its availability will be communicated to the membership through future emails.

Please check with our Club Pro, Joel Cruz ( regarding the availability of tennis lessons.


Once your membership has been processed...

Once your application has been received and payment has been confirmed, key pick up instructions and gigasport status confirmation will be sent to you so that you can start booking the courts.  Please ensure that your email address is written correctly as this will ensure receipt of this information. 

The club gates will be re-keyed this year.  Remember to return your 2020 key when you pick up this season’s key